Genuine Aleppo Soap Olive and 20% Laurel Al Bara 200 g

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The Aleppo Olive and 20% Laurel Soap - 200 g has been made according to the traditional and artisanal methods of Aleppo. Cooked in a cauldron and made from first-pressed olive oil, this 100% natural soap is suitable for the whole family!

  • Traditional and artisanal methods
  • Gentle and soothing
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Ingredients: olive oil, bay leaf oil, sodium hydroxide, water

Directions for use: Run the soap under water and lather it up.

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Virtues and benefits :

  • Vegetable-based soap
  • 100% natural soap
  • First press olive oil
  • Cauldron-cooked Soap
  • Suitable for normal skin
  • Suitable for the whole family



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